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Creative concepting for Netflix was one of my roles as Creative Director at Palisades MediaGroup. Below are some of the creative concepts we presented to Netflix for properties such as Chef's Table, Emily in Paris, Cowboy Bebop, and Clickbait.


As creative director my role on these concepts ran the gamut from concepting to design, editing, motion graphics and creative coding. 

In the Tall Grass Tread Lightly

Dive into the eerie world of Stephen King's In the Tall Grass with our interactive grass – designed for display ads and takeovers – that reacts to your movements, immersing you in the film's chilling atmosphere.

Emily in Paris Macaron Magic

In a cross-promotion with LaDurée Paris, we crafted exclusive macaron-themed Instagram filters, available only at select LaDurée locations. Fans of Emily in Paris could indulge in custom-themed macarons and share their enchanting moments with friends and followers.

Emily in Paris Café Escape

In Emily in Paris, Emily Conner lands her dream ad exec job in Paris, utterly enchanted by the Parisian lifestyle as she discovers it with fresh American eyes. This captivating Emily in Paris site takeover whisks users away to an immersive Parisian cafe-inspired browsing experience, making them feel the magic of the City of Lights.

Clickbait A Web of Cryptic Clues

In Clickbait a missing father resurfaces in a chilling viral video, clutching a sign that declares his demise upon reaching 5 million views. Clickbait's narrative explores an intricate duality of social media. As the insatiable curiosity of faceless onlookers drives the counter closer to 5 million, the detectives must harness the collective wisdom of these very same anonymous spectators to solve the mystery.

To embody the unsettling themes of digital voyeurism, morbid curiosity, and crowd sourcing, we developed a "click swarm" plugin that generates a swarm of cursors to reveal messaging in banners, and video media, crafting a visual motif that perfectly echoes Clickbait's unnerving narrative.

Using an art technique called "datamoshing," we would "hijack" videos on Adrian Grenier's personal feeds. What initially looks like a video error really contains a secret message about the show. 

6 Underground Hidden Heroes

In Michael Bay's electrifying film 6 Underground, an elite vigilante squad abandons their public personas, vanishing to hidden corners of the globe, ready to strike when duty calls. "The world was entangled in red tape… so we left it all behind, to become no one…".

These ads were designed for strategic placement alongside airport queues and baggage checks, igniting a sense of thrilling intrigue in the midst of mundane travel routines, and subtly suggesting that anyone in the lines could be one of these covert vigilantes, blending seamlessly into the crowd.

When They See Us Confronting the Truth

In When They See Us, five Harlem teens find themselves ensnared in a horrifying ordeal as they're wrongfully accused of a savage attack in Central Park.

Inspired by a gripping true story, we crafted a high-impact ad campaign to run on news platforms, highlighting the parallel between the film's themes and the "fake news" and anti-minority rhetoric pervading the media landscape. Developed before the official studio art was available, these timely ads were meant to capture the essence of the cultural moment, driving awareness and sparking crucial conversations.

Chefs Table Savor the Brilliance

Netflix's Chef's Table premiered with the tantalizing tagline, "The flavor of genius." Our ads ignite the imagination by envisioning history's most beloved geniuses swapping their pens and brushes for chef's hats. These captivating ads propose that if these iconic figures were to enter the culinary realm, their creations would embody the same rare, unique, and inventive spirit showcased on Chef's Table.



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