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Machinima was an online entertainment network owned by WarnerMedia focusing on gaming and gamer culture. These bumpers were produced as part of a rebrand.


I designed, animated and created original sound effects and music for these spots.

Each bumper was desinged to evoke the golden age of arcade video games from the late 1970s to the early 1980s. This spot was inspired by the light cycle races from the classic 1982 film Tron. 

This spot was inspired by early 1980s arcade classics such as Asteroids, and Tempest. All graphics in this spot were generated programatically. The vector type effect uses a vector video scanning technique known "Rutt-Etra", the first know real-time vector video effect, used throught the 1980s by everyone from Joy Division to Merril Lynch. Sprites were generated in real time using the Superformula

This spot was inspired by the I/O tower in the film Tron, and games such as Battlezone, and Star Wars the 1983 arcade game.


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YeezyPost / VFX

NearDesign / Concept Development / Ads

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Hyper TattooDesign / Concept Development / Motion Graphics

WB GamesEditing / Sound Design

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Designated SurvivorSocial / Editing / Motion Graphics

EmergenceSocial / Design / Editing / Motion Graphics

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