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Near is the worlds largest source of data intelligence that can combine physical locations with consumer data. Their customers include retail, high-end commercial, mar-tech, and tourism. Near needed an awareness campaign before their public IPO on NASDAQ.


I lead a team which created dozens of original designs and animations for digital, OOH, and print which included OOH in Times Square, and full-page ads the New York Times, and Wall Street Journal. 


We developed a series of data-mosaic design languages based on mathematic symbols used in statistics, travel iconography, and custom symbols that represented map shading, location markers, and ideal site selection. 

We applied our data-mosaic motif to a variety display and OOH to create animations where the content was literally made of data.

We also developed a series of display ads meant to convey Near's ability to match the right audience with the right location. We curated a library of bold imagery for each vertical which were used in these videos, and other media like micro-sites, and trade booths. 


We developed mini-campaigns, like this one, to strategically target data intelligence specialists. 

Near wanted edgy, eye catching concepts at locations in Silicon Valley. This OOH appeared along people mover paths at SFO airport.


ContrabandWeb / Interactive

DisneySocial / Display Ads

Nat GeoSocial / Display Ads

DropboxSocial / Display Ads

Holiday InnSocial / Display Ads

YeezyPost / VFX

NetflixConcept Development

Hyper TattooDesign / Concept Development / Motion Graphics

The RookieSocial / Editing / Motion Graphics

MachinimaDesign / Motion Graphics / Sound Design

WB GamesEditing / Sound Design

InhumansSocial / Motion Graphics

VelozWeb / Interactive

Designated SurvivorSocial / Editing / Motion Graphics

EmergenceSocial / Design / Editing / Motion Graphics

Wicked CitySocial / Design / Editing / Motion Graphics

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